Exhibitor Booth Types
Booth Size 2019 Early Bird Price
(valid April 21, 2019 at midnight)
Full Price
Single Booth (10x10 space)
includes 2 attendee passes
$1,299.00 $1,699.00
Double Booth (10x20 space)
includes 4 attendee passes
$2,450.00 $3,275.00
Triple Booth (10x30 space)
includes 6 attendee passes
$3,650.00 $4,850.00
Quad Booth (10x40 or 20x20 space)
includes 8 attendee passes
$4,850.00 $6,400.00
Five Booths (10x50 space)
includes 10 attendee passes
$6,150.00 $8,100.00
Six Booths (10x60 or 20x30 space)
includes 12 attendee passes
$7,300.00 $9,675.00
Eight Booths (20x40 space)
includes 16 attendee passes
$9,700.00 $12,800.00
Ten Booths (20x50 space)
includes 20 attendee passes
$11,575.00 $14,775.00
Twelve Booths (20x60 or 30x40 space)
includes 24 attendee passes
$13,800.00 $18,600.00
Fourteen Booths (20x70 space)
includes 28 attendee passes
$16,175.00 $21,775.00
Sixteen Booths (20x80 or 40x40 space)
includes 32 attendee passes
$18,400.00 $24,800.00


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Conference Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation notifications received before midnight, Sunday April 21st, 2019: Refund 50% of registration fees.

Cancellation notifications received after Sunday April 21st, 2019: No refunds - substitutions will be accepted.

* Requests for cancellation or substitution must be made in writing to the Discovery Conference Office: